• U.S. Customs House, New York, NY

Welcome to Barlow & Company, LLC

Barlow and Company is a customs law firm. Our attorneys and consultants provide legal representation and counseling on complex customs, international trade, and export matters. We represent companies before the government agencies that regulate import/export transactions at the border, and before the courts of law that provide relief from adverse actions by those agencies. We help companies to improve customs compliance, and to explore and implement duty savings programs. We lobby Congress to enact favorable trade legislation for our clients.

Each of our professionals has extensive experience handling customs matters in the government and in the private sector. Our professionals have been inspectors, import specialists, attorneys, and headquarters program directors at U.S. Customs; customs compliance officers at large corporations; and licensed brokers at customhouse brokerages.

We provide expert advice in a timely manner, and zealously represent our clients before government agencies and federal courts of law. Companies vary in their customs counseling needs, according to industry, size and level of internal expertise, and we can provide an effective and efficient solution for all types of customs problems.